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Ways to Help

There are many ways you as an individual can help, and to help we've broken it down to four main areas.

  • Suggest Icons - Search for and open issues for suggestions you don't find.
  • Contribute Icons - Hundreds of open ideas waiting to be created.
  • Develop - Help make this website better.
  • Documentation - Icons exist everywhere; let's make it easy for everyone to use them.

Step-by-step guides below outline the above ways to contribute.

Suggest Icons

The easiest way to help is to suggest icons, all you need is a GitHub account.

When viewing one of our libraries, hit "suggest it" at the top of the library view. A template will guide you through the information we're looking for. Images can be pasted in comments to provide examples.

The core team will take a look at your issue as soon as we can and label it accordingly. We may ask you for more information on what exactly you want, or even reject your suggestion entirely if we feel it's too specific. Don't let that put you off suggesting more in the future!

A member of the core team or another designer should eventually reply with a designed icon, then we will review it and hopefully add it to the library.

Contribute Icons

You may want to contribute an icon that you made yourself, that's great! When viewing one of our libraries, hit "contribute" at the top of the library view. A template will guide you through the requirements for submitting a contribution.

Make sure you follow the and instructions and guidelines in the template so you will have to make little to no revisions. While the guidelines give good structure, having a diverse set of choices allows for continuous refinement. If you want to, you can open an issue with a refined design for any existing item in a library.

If you need ideas for what to design, you can always take a look at the currently open issues and reply with your design. For icon libraries, all icons you create will be assigned to you if they are accepted by the core team.


The Pictogrammers web site is open-source, from the documentation to the front-end. Pull Requests are usually merged within a day (especially documentation related PRs).

All documentation content is stored in Markdown files and can be edited right from GitHub's editor.

The API endpoints are still being documented and are being worked on to provide more robust functionality.


All pages, including this one, can be edited. See those buttons in the right sidebar.

You can either create the edit youself and submit a pull request, or suggest it through a issue for someone else to make.