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Open-source iconography for designers and developers

We're a collective of passionate individuals creating beautiful icon and font libraries for drop-in use in your designs and development.

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From open-source software to industry leaders,
the best teams use Pictogrammers' libraries to build their apps.

Who are we?

The Pictogrammers are a dedicated group of collaborators from all walks of life. Hailing from nearly every part of the globe, we come together to express ideas in a universal language so that all may benefit. Icons may be small, but they are powerful forms of communication in today's digital age. Built on our passion for beautiful and simple design, we strive to make iconography easily accessible for whatever your use case may be. From designers building prototypes to developers writing code, finding and implementing an icon should be a snap!

Featured Libraries

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons

The original. Following Google's Material Design guidelines for system icons, MDI is our largest library, touting over 7200 unique icons!

Material Design Icons Light

Material Design Icons Light

Taking a lighter spin on Google's Material Design guidelines, MDI Light slims down icons to be modern, crisp, and clean.

Join Us

If you're looking to get involved with the Pictogrammers, there are many ways you can help! You can tackle issues and icon requests on one of our libraries. You can write and update documentation to help those looking to get started. Interested in writing an integration we don't have... Go for it!

If you have any questions about how you can make an impact, reach out to us on Mastodon or open a GitHub issue. We look forward to meeting you!