About the Pictogrammers

Who are the Pictogrammers?

The Pictogrammers are a dedicated group of 150+ collaborators from all walks of life. Hailing from nearly every part of the globe, we come together to express ideas in a universal language so that all may benefit. Icons may be small, but they are powerful forms of communication in today's digital age. Built on our passion for beautiful and simple design, we strive to make iconography easily accessible for whatever your use case may be. From designers building prototypes to developers writing code, finding and implementing an icon should be a snap!

Meet Our Core Team

Early Beginnings

Back in early 2014, the planning for the original Material Design icon library began by Austin Andrews. The first commits to the original MDI library came in June of 2014. Shortly after, Google released their official set of Material icons, which made maintaining and growing our community set of icons much easier. Since its inception, the Material Design Icons library has grown exponentially and brought in dozens of unique contributors from all around the globe.

Formation of Pictogrammers

In the late 2010s, some members of the core Material Icons team started experimenting with other icon and font styles, such as Material Design Icons Light and MaterialDings. We decided we wanted to be open to more than just Material-style icons. In 2020, the core team of Material Design Icons formed the Pictogrammers icon collective.