Third-Party Libraries

While Pictogrammers supports several first party libraries, utilities, and components, our core team leaves a lot of the integrations up to the third-party community.

Who is a Third Party Developer?

Any developer that provides an integration that relies on Pictogrammers libraries. This can be components, utilities, or plugins for existing open-source projects.

Integrating with Pictogrammers Libraries

The top priority of building an integration is knowing where you'll get the libraries. There are three ways to get the them: NPM, the CDN, and GitHub.


NPM packages are built after each release.

Material Design Icons

  • @mdi/js - ES6/TypeScript module.
  • @mdi/svg - Individual optimized SVG files
    • meta.json - All icon meta data, tags, aliases, font codepoints.
  • @mdi/font - Webfont files.

Material Design Icons Light

If your project can use one of the first-party libraries indirectly, we recommend telling people to install them separately. For instance @mdi/react can use any icon version.

npm install @mdi/js @mdi/react

This allows one to swap out other icon packs or upgrade/downgrade independently. Not all projects can do this, but we recommend it when possible.


When we release, @mdi/svg and @mdi/light-svg are also published to the CDN.



GitHub is where we store all the NPM distribution repos. Each release is tagged so it's easy to view previous changes.

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons Light

Build Script


Third parties should be able to do anything that helps their respective community integrate the use of the libraries. With that said, there are a few things we advise against.

Don't do this...Maybe Try...
Scraping the website for data Let us know through an issue if meta.json is missing anything.
Expecting us to add icons since you use the project We recommend projects to be built to support multiple icon packs and not to rely entirely on ours.

Let us know what you built!

Not required, but the core team loves seeing what the community makes. Funny enough, we are often the last ones that find out about all the cool integrations.

Existing Third Party Projects

Definitely search around and check out all the existing projects before starting. Your idea might already exist that you can help expand.