Brand Guidelines

The Pictogrammers logo is the central visual identity for the Pictogrammers group. The monogram was created by Austin Andrews in 2020. The following year, the wordmark was added by Michael Irigoyen, completing the logo.

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Our primary color palette is Pictogrammers Purple on a white background.

Pictogrammers Purple


82 0 101

78 100 24 22



255 255 255

0 0 0 0

Clearing Space

The minimum clearing space of the logo is the width of the P in Pictorgrammers.

Pictogrammers logo with clearing space guidesPictogrammers logo with clearing space example
Pictogrammers monogram with clearing space guidesPictogrammers monogram with clearing space example

Logo on Color

In some situations, the logo can be used on a colored background as long as there is a 5:1 contrast ratio. Anything less is not recommended. Check color contrasts here.

Pictogrammers Logo on White BackgroundPictogrammers Logo on Yellow BackgroundPictogrammers Logo on Purple BackgroundPictogrammers Logo on Green Background

In cases where the logo must display or print in a single color, there is an entirely white or black logo.

Pictogrammers Logo in Black on White BackgroundPictogrammers Logo in White on Black Background


The Pictogrammers wordmark may exist without the monogram. The typeface used to set the logo wordmark is Manrope. The wordmark is optically kerned and its uppercase "P" is customized to mirror the monogram.

Manual kerning and custom P vs. Manrope
Manual kerning and custom "P" vs. Manrope


We use the monogram for our GitHub account, social media profile images, and as our "favicon" on our official site. The monogram may be used in cases where the association with Pictogrammers is clearly evident.

Pictogrammers monogram at 128px
Pictogrammers monogram at 64px
Pictogrammers monogram at 32px
Pictogrammers monogram at 16px

Icon Library Logos

Each of our icon libraries maintain their own visual identity in terms of logo and color. Please show them the same care and respect as the Pictogrammers monogram.

Material Design Icons


33 150 243

82 36 0 5

Material Design Light


90 136 173

33 15 0 32


Please maintain consistency of our brand by not misusing the Pictogrammers logo, monogram, wordmark, or any of our various icon library logos. If you have a question about whether your use of our logo is accepted, please get in touch.

Pictogrammers logo on a busy background
Do not place the logo on busy backgrounds.
Pictogrammers logo with altered colors
Do not alter the logo colors.
Pictogrammers logo with recreated wordmark
Do not recreate the wordmark in Manrope.
Pictogrammers logo with manipulated wordmark
Do not change the typeface or manipulate the wordmark.
Pictogrammers logo with adjusted sizes
Do not adjust or reconfigure the size or placement of any logo elements.
Pictogrammers logo with distortions
Do not rotate, skew, stretch, or distort the logo.
Pictogrammers logo with a shadow
Do not apply bevel, shadow, or other effects to the logo.
Pictogrammers logo with a section cropped
Do not cut the logo.