Getting Started with Figma

The Material Design Icons Figma plugin allows you to easily search and drop-in any of our icons directly into your designs.

Get the MDI Figma Plugin Now

How To Use

  1. Simply "Run" the plugin and you will be presented with a library view for Material Design Icons.
  2. Use the Search field to narrow your view to only icons you are interested in.
  3. Simply click an icon to add it directly into your Figma design!

Getting Help, Suggesting New Features, or Contributing

We're open to feedback, so please feel free to raise an issue on GitHub if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. You can additionally open up PRs against that repo. Please following the README and CONTRIBUTING guides there carefully.

Other Material Design Icon Figma Plugins

There are several other Figma plugins that are labeled as "Material Design Icons" in the Figma community. Some are actually created using our icon libraries (which we think is awesome!). However, the Figma plugin in this article is the only official first-party plugin by Pictogrammers.